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Konad m85

I love nail art, and stamping is fantastic for those nail designs with super thin lines and shapes that I could never create by hand. If you haven’t tried stamping yet, I highly recommend Konad for some great designs. It took me a few tries to get used to the process of stamping, but it’s a breeze to do once you’ve got it down. Thanks to (which–clearly–will ship to the US) for sending along one of Konad’s new plates, m85!

These are the tools I use for stamping. I also have a plate holder from Konad, but I honestly don’t like using it. I just rest the plate on my leg.

These are all the designs on plate m85. I used Orly Iron Butterfly as a base and stamped with China Glaze Harmony.

Then, I did a full manicure with one of the designs. I’m not sure if this design is supposed to waves of some sort, flames, or groovy 70s lines, but I went with the latter interpretation and used Love & Beauty Light Green and MAC Blue India. (Love & Beauty by Forever 21 are really bad about reusing names for colors, I actually think I have 2 bottles labeled “Light Green.” Kind of annoying…)

Per FTC regulations I must disclose that product(s) in this post were sent to me by a brand or PR firm for consideration for review on my website. I guarantee honesty above all. For more information, please see my full disclosure policy.


Mystic Lilac is so beautiful. It’s a light lilac colored polish with a gorgeous, subtle green shimmer–almost an aqua color–that really sparkles in sunlight. It’s a pretty sheer polish, but builds up well. These are 3 coats.

Close up of the yummy aqua shimmer!

The aqua was hard to capture with the camera. It’s more evident in real life.


Oh. My. Goodness. Hot on the heels of Serena Williams’ announcement on The Oprah Show that she will be collaborating with OPI to make a new ‘Grand Slams’ polish collection, Nicole by OPI has announced its new collection, One Less Lonely Girl, is inspired by Justin Bieber.

*ETA* OPI has also announced that it will be teaming with Katy Perry… and a crackle polish is included in the collection!!

These first six polishes are scheduled for release in December 2010 at Wal Mart, with a subsequent launch in January 2011 at Wal Mart and in February 2011 at select Target, Sears, Ulta and other retail locations.

One Less Lonely Glitter

Prized Possession Purple

Give Me The First Dance

Me + Blue


Step 2 the Beat of my Heart

2 com

Before I start with another polish from MAC’s 2010 F/W trend collaboration with Jin Soi, I think it’s fairly obvious that with this manicure I decided to experiment a little bit with my nail shape. I went for a round shape (whereas I usually rock the squoval) but immediately after this manicure I went back to my comfort zone. Squoval fits me better, I think! Now, on to Jade Dragon. To see my review & swatch of another polish from this collection, Earthly Harmony, click here.

Jade Dragon is described as an emerald green frost. As was the case with Earthly Harmony, the description of Jade Dragon on their website and the actual product differ quite significantly. I think it is important to review this for readers who may not be able to get to MAC to check it out for themselves. If you’re in love with the color based on, you’re going to be disappointed.

These pictures were taken after a couple days of wear, so please excuse tipwear!


Jade Dragon has a deep emerald green base with beautiful blue specks of shimmer throughout. While the sparkles cling to the side of the bottle, in application they are a bit less prominent. I found that mostly they are obvious in flashes of direct sunlight and especially on the sides of the nails. Even though it’s described as a frost, Jade Dragon is definitely a sparse shimmer.


Formula was great, nothing noteworthy which is generally a good thing. Even with my favorite top coat, Sally Hansen’s Mega-Shine, it was completely dry really quickly. As I mentioned in my review of Earthly Harmony, I’m actually not sure if MAC knows how to make a polish with the shimmer (or, in the past, flakies) sufficiently suspended in the base. However, I think Jade Dragon was more successful in this venture, though it definitely wasn’t a homerun.

Final Recommendations

I have no regrets with Jade Dragon! I’m really happy with the color, so even though I was looking forward to a bit more blue shimmer, it is present enough to not be a complete disappointment. This color is a gorgeous unique addition to my collection.

MAC, please step it up and start taking actual pictures of your products! It can be downright misleading when you fake it, and it’s painfully obvious that even though there have been rumors you’re going to switch to actual swatches for years, you still haven’t done it.


I wanted to show you one way to extend the life of a manicure if you get chippy tips after a few days. My original manicure was MAC Earthly Harmony, and I simply used Nail Art Striper in black and a rhinestone to cover the chippy tip!

Do you have any other nail art ideas for chippy tips?

2 com

If you don’t know about Confetti already, you should run to your nearest CVS and see what is left of the display! Confetti polishes cost only $1.99 and have a pretty fantastic formula (especially for an inexpensive polish). I picked up 3 yesterday: My Favorite Martian, Wedding White (I meant to get White Tie, but that’s another story :(), & Tiara.

So why is it a big deal that you run and get these right now? Well, CVS is currently being sued by Sally Hansen for selling Confetti polishes in the drugstore chain due to a non-compete clause. So while most CVS stores have retained the displays, the polishes aren’t being restocked when they sell out. Get to it! :)

I knew My Favorite Martian was a little on the sheer side, so I decided I wanted to layer it–but I couldn’t decide over which green polish I already owned. So I just decided to do all of them! :D

MAC Peppermint Patti, Icing Jade & MAC Beyond Jealous.

As it turns out, My Favorite Martian is a bit more opaque than I anticipated. I was hoping that the base color gradient would be a bit more obvious, but that’s okay. Love the green!!

Base coat: Gelous
Top coat: Sally Hansen Mega-Shine



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