A reader requested that I swatch By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish and Warm Soul Mineralize Blush side by side to see how similar the shades are. Before I start I should say that the only 2 Mineralize Skinfinishes that are permanent at MAC at the moment are Soft & Gentle and Gold Deposit. The one I’m swatching here, By Candlelight, was a limited edition release from the 2009 Warm & Cozy collection. Warm Soul is permanent.

Color Comparison

Warm Soul is a very warm rose color with gold shimmer, while By Candlelight is a gold with shimmer that flashes gold and pink. If you dislike any shimmer on your cheeks, neither of these will probably appeal to you, but Warm Soul doesn’t actually flash glitter in the way that you might expect, so it’s worth trying at least. The specks of shimmer are much more subtle, especially compared to By Candlelight. Warm Soul is more pigmented than By Candlelight in addition to being a bit deeper in color. (It’s not uncommon for Mineralize Skinfinishes to be less pigmented since they are usually used as more of a highlight.) Warm Soul is perfect for light to medium skintones, and warm- or cool-undertones.

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