If you don’t know about Confetti already, you should run to your nearest CVS and see what is left of the display! Confetti polishes cost only $1.99 and have a pretty fantastic formula (especially for an inexpensive polish). I picked up 3 yesterday: My Favorite Martian, Wedding White (I meant to get White Tie, but that’s another story :(), & Tiara.

So why is it a big deal that you run and get these right now? Well, CVS is currently being sued by Sally Hansen for selling Confetti polishes in the drugstore chain due to a non-compete clause. So while most CVS stores have retained the displays, the polishes aren’t being restocked when they sell out. Get to it! :)

I knew My Favorite Martian was a little on the sheer side, so I decided I wanted to layer it–but I couldn’t decide over which green polish I already owned. So I just decided to do all of them! :D

MAC Peppermint Patti, Icing Jade & MAC Beyond Jealous.

As it turns out, My Favorite Martian is a bit more opaque than I anticipated. I was hoping that the base color gradient would be a bit more obvious, but that’s okay. Love the green!!

Base coat: Gelous
Top coat: Sally Hansen Mega-Shine