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Statement from MAC via their Facebook fan page:

This decision will not impact M·A·C ‘s commitment to donate all of its projected profits from the collection to benefit the women and girls of Juarez.

Out of respect for the people of Mexico, the women and girls of Juarez and their families, as well as our M·A·C Mexican staff and colleagues, M·A·C has made the decision not to ship the M·A·C Rodarte limited edition makeup collection. This decision will have no impact on M·A·C’s commitment to donate all of its projected global profits from this collection to local and international groups that work to improve the lives of the women and girls of Juarez. We are currently conducting due diligence to ensure we donate to organizations with a proven record of directly supporting the women and girls of Juarez.

M·A·C and Rodarte are deeply and sincerely sorry and we apologize to everyone we offended. We have listened very closely to the feedback of concerned global citizens. We are doing our very best to right this wrong. The essence of M·A·C is to give back and care for the community and Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. We are grateful for the opportunity to use what we have learned to raise awareness on this important issue. 

I have to say, I am really surprised by this. Over the years, MAC has launched controversial collections–mostly to do with the sexual nature of product names, or controversial promo images–and I have never seen the company act this way. I am impressed with their dedication to doing what is right, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed that there will be no Rodarte for MAC collection. The products look really fabulous, so hopefully we’ll see them under a completely new title, with new names and all.


M·A·C to Donate its Global Profits from the M·A·C Rodarte Makeup Collection to Benefit Newly Created Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative

M·A·C and Rodarte apologize to the victims and their families in Juarez, the people of Mexico, the Mexican Government and concerned global citizens

MEXICO CITY, México, July 29, 2010 – In response to public concern over the limited edition M·A·C Rodarte makeup collection, set to launch in fall 2010, M·A·C will donate all of its global profits from this collection to a newly created initiative to raise awareness and provide on-the-ground support to the women and girls in Juarez. M·A·C and Rodarte are deeply sorry that this makeup collection was so offensive to the people of Mexico and concerned global citizens.

This announcement follows a meeting last evening in Mexico City with M·A·C executives and Mexican government officials, including CONAVIM (Comisión Nacional Para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia Contra las Mujeres/National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women.)

During the meeting, held at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this collective group committed to working together on the overall direction of the new initiative to help the women and girls of Juarez and to raise global awareness of their plight. M·A·C executives reiterated their deep regret and reinforced that it was never M·A·C’s or Rodarte’s intent to minimize the suffering of the women and girls of Ciudad Juarez.

In the coming weeks, M·A·C and Rodarte will be consulting with members of CONAVIM´s advisory board, as well as other local and global experts, to develop a comprehensive framework that provides grants to local and international organizations with a track record of improving the lives of the women and girls in Juarez.

“We are deeply sorry and apologize to everyone we offended, especially the victims, the women and girls of Juarez and their families. We have heard the response of concerned global citizens loud and clear and are doing our very best to right our wrong. The essence of M·A·C is to give back and care for the community and our initial handling of this makeup collection was not reflective of M·A·C’s values. M·A·C and Rodarte are committed to using these learnings to raise awareness on this important issue and to leverage our unique platform to help the women and girls of Juarez,” said M·A·C President John Demsey.

“Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. As designers, we strongly feel it is our responsibility to use ideas and actions for the good of our global community and are truly sorry for the offense we have caused. We are raising our voices in support of the strong women and girls of Juarez and joining others who are working internationally to improve their lives,” said Kate and Laura Mulleavy, designers of Rodarte.

Last week, M·A·C and Rodarte announced they would also be renaming the products and redesigning the marketing materials associated with the collection.

M·A·C has a longstanding tradition of service in Mexico, supporting important social causes in the country such as HIV prevention and treatment. Since 2002, the M·A·C AIDS Fund has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local entities, including Fundación Eudes, La Casa de la Sal, A.C., Ser Humano, A.C., Mesón de la Misericordia Divina A.C., Pirana Studio, and Fundación Unidos por un México Vivo.

M·A·C has had operations in Mexico since 1999. The brand currently employs more than 150 local professionals.



MAC Cosmetics has announced today that they will not only be donating $100,000 to a non-profit organization in Juarez, Mexico, but that, in a truly surprising and unprecedented move, they will be changing the product names in the collection which have been the source of recent controversy.

I have to say that despite my original post on the subject, I am pleased that MAC has chosen to change the names. I still believe that artists have the right to create art inspired by anything that evokes emotion in them. However, being that the names offended so many, it is proper that MAC do what it can, even after the fact, to fix it. Afterall, MAC’s motto is “all ages, all races, all sexes.” For their business it would be a very bad idea to risk completely alienating such a huge demographic. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, some customers and potential customers won’t be able to forgive the mistake.

I look forward to seeing what they change the names to, and to seeing how well the collection does. There are a few products I will definitely be picking up.


(Warning: this is going to be a long post. Feel free to skip down a few paragraphs if you don’t need the background information I’m going to provide in the beginning.)

MAC Cosmetics has been known to collaborate with fashion designers often; usually once a year. This year, we’re lucky enough to get 2 designer collabs–alice + olivia for MAC launched in July, and Rodarte for MAC launches this fall.


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