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A few months back, I did the make-up for several actors in an overnight short film shoot at a local diner here in Charlotte. I was really lucky to participate and be surrounded by lots of young talent. We shot in a very small, 50s-style diner from about 8pm to 7am the next morning(!!). It was a long “day,” and by the end I was almost delusional with exhaustion, but we had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see the finished product (I may even make a small cameo appearance!). I know next to nothing about shooting video and was really impressed with all of the girls and guys behind and in front of the camera. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from that shoot, followed by the trailer for “Fork.” The behind-the-scenes video was shot by the awesome Enid Valu, whose photography (and videography!) I super-love. As soon as “Fork” is released, I’ll be sure to post a link here!

(I spy a…. me!)

(Yup, I did his make-up, too! Mmmm, foundation in the beard…)


A great post by British Beauty Blogger:

What Beauty Brands Didn’t Know Before Blogs

They didn’t know how frustrated women were at not having anywhere to talk about their beauty buys;
They didn’t know that consumers would listen to real real-life reviews far more readily than any pretend advertorial reviews;
They didn’t know that we’d be able to influence sales;
They didn’t know just how much we know about beauty;
They didn’t know how important each and every purchase is;
They didn’t know how a beauty buy is coveted, poured over, tested, discussed and judged;
They didn’t know how quickly their ‘mistakes’ would be recognized and broadcast;
They didn’t know that actual consumers would be able to ‘read’ business and advertising strategies as easily as if they were Heat magazine;
They didn’t know we’d be able to spot and advise on dupes across the beauty spectrum – so what if Paradoxical is sold out? There’s an identical colour at Model’s Own;
They didn’t know we’d be able to create and influence trends;
They didn’t know we actually read the fine print (i.e. filmed with lash inserts);
They didn’t know that if we see or experience bad customer service or make a purchase that doesn’t live up to expectations, that we’d create a place to pass on the news;
They didn’t know just how many women (and men) love make up and skincare to the point they’d create video channels, films, and written pieces that collectively millions of other women (and men) would read every day;
They didn’t know that many bloggers know the MAC foundation colour chart off by heart and can colour match at twenty paces;
They didn’t know how important it is to have accurate colour swatches on e-tail sites (and they still don’t really understand that);
They didn’t know we want to know all the ingredients in a product and we are very likely know the exact function of each one;
They didn’t know we want to be more educated about products and that they won’t lose business because we are more informed;
They didn’t know that they’d get the most valuable customer feedback they could ever hope to have via blogs;
They didn’t know that ‘hard sell’ equals ‘no sale’;
They didn’t know that we know the sales routines and patters from behind the scenes sources and that we just don’t fall for it anymore;
They didn’t know that their target market very often isn’t their true market;
They didn’t know that we need products to prove themselves;
They didn’t know that we use a proper decision making process to make beauty purchases – we don’t just believe the ads;
They didn’t know that we just aren’t that gullible; and finally
They didn’t know that we can have a whole night’s conversation on Twitter about one nail varnish colour.

A fabulous little girl named Paris:

A very, very (very) long time ago, I showed you why the Urban Decay’s Primer Potion design was frustrating and totally wasteful. Now, Pursebuzz shows off a great new design for UDPP which allows customers to get all of the product they pay for. The only downside about it is that it’s only available in a GIGANTIC size–which is great for people who know they love it, but unfortunately ostracizes many potential consumers. Still, a (very slow) step in the right direction, I think.


I just discovered a new website called Beauty and the Bullshit, a blog written by a former beauty industry insider who is exposing the advertising tactics, claims, and general behind the scenes BS that the beauty industry uses to take advantage of consumers. I find the notion really interesting, and even though she only has a hand full of posts, she seems to have some good information, so best believe I’ll be keeping an eye on her website. You should check it out, too!



So I have refrained from sharing this information until now — it’s been difficult! On Tuesday (October 23) I flew up to the fabulous NYC to be made over by Glamour magazine(!!!!!!!!)! I wasn’t the only YouTuber there, but I don’t think any of the other girls have announced their makeovers and I don’t want to give it away for them before they have the chance to do so. There were a total of four of us, though. :)

The amazing hair stylist Ashley Javier, with help from assistant Ryan (not Chad!), did my hair.. and it looks incredible. I had super, super thick, long hair, and he completely transformed it. I LOVE my new hair! Not to mention we had the best time in the studio. His adorable little Yorkie, Tennessee, accompanied him. I love puppies. :)

The brilliant Jeanine Lobell, founder of Stila cosmetics, was the makeup artist for the photoshoot along with her assistant, Chad, who showed off all his MAC and made me swoon! She explained everything she did when applying my makeup and I was able to ask her some questions, which I really enjoyed and cannot wait to relay to ya’ll!

The photographer was Mark Leibowitz, who was very sweet and talented, obviously.

Glamour’s fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz directed the shoot along with assistant Madeline Andrews, who has patiently answered my questions and relayed information since day one. I appreciate her graciousness to the utmost.

Make sure to head on over to Suze’s blog on to see the post she made from the studio on the (amazing) day of the makeover!

Basically, I had an awesome time; the people in the studio were simply amazing at what they did and I loved just being in their presence — not to even mention having the opportunity to ask questions and learn from them. I can’t wait to show ya’ll how much fun I had, and share with you things I learned.

Naturally, I filmed the entire process but unfortunately I can’t post the video(s) until the issue runs in April or May. I’m not sure if I am allowed to post pictures from it yet either. I will definitely keep you posted if I hear anything new or concrete!


I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up about the happenings in the life of Amyopoly! This past week, I found out that I was featured in the October issue of Marie Claire magazine (the beauty issue with Jennifer Garner on the front/back) by the beauty editor, Ying Chu. I am ecstatic about the mention! For those interested, the quote is on page 16b. :)

I wanted to thank beauty editor Julyne Derrick at for listing my Smoky Eyes video as one of the top seven smoky eye tutorials on the interweb! (It was #5) How sweet! Also thank you to forum user Steph for finding this information for me!!

This weekend I will be posting a video reviewing Stila Cosmetics products. I’m excited about the products I have and excited to share them with my viewers! This video will be going on the newly redesigned Stila cosmetics website launching October 1, so make sure you check that out!

The next couple of months are supposed to be very exciting for me and I look forward to keeping you all updated! As always, your support means the world to me!



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