A super bright blue cream.. yum!! Spa Ritual is a vegan nail polish line sold in AVEDA salons and spas. I’ve become much more familiar with their line since I started my esthiology course at Aveda Institute Charlotte (which, by the way, I graduated from last Friday!!!). Enjoy this new Spa Ritual color from their Truth collection, and look forward to more from Truth soon!

Without flash you get a much more accurate idea of the color of this polish.

With flash, it appears much brighter and lighter, when in fact it is a bright royal blue.

This was photographed with a base coat and no top coat. What you see is two thick coats. The formula is okay, drying quicker than average, but there seems to be a settling problem with the Spa Rituals line (probably has something to do with the vegan ingredients)–basically, the settling is either very slow or simply doesn’t happen before drying. If you don’t know what I mean, it basically manifests in sloppy, uneven-looking applications of polish. In these pictures, a good example would be at the base of my ring finger, the little clump that is there. I went back in with the brush to fill in a very small unevenness in the line, and it never settled with the rest of the polish, basically clumped up and dried that way. Not cute, but probably also not impossible to fix with a nice self-settling top coat like Seche Vite (I’m out and need to restock, hence no top coat!).

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