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For the past couple years, MAC has teamed up with Jin Soi to put out a collection of Fall/Winter Trend nail polishes. I’ve been looking forward to the 2010 installment because last year’s was so gorgeous, and I knew Jin & MAC would get it right again with Nail Trend F/W ’10.

Earthly Harmony is described as a frost, muted taupe in color with a copper shimmer.

srsly, MAC?
Left: MAC promotional image of Earthly Harmony; Right: Swatch of Earthly Harmony on

As is sometimes the case with MAC, the description of Earthly Harmony on their website and the actual product differ quite significantly. I thought it was important to review this for readers who may not be able to get to MAC to check it out for themselves. If you’re in love with the color based on, you’re going to be disappointed.


Earthly Harmony has that mid-tone “greige” base that is in following with F/W ’10 trend–a taupe with a more yellow base as opposed to purple. The sparkles are copperish, flashing sometimes orange and sometimes gold. However, looking at the sparkles in the bottle (and it is a very pretty bottle) is about the extent of the visibility of the glitter. Even though it’s described as a frost, Earthly Harmony very much looks like a creme.


Formula was great if a little fast-drying, so I had to be careful about having enough polish on my brush for a second coat so it didn’t drag and get lumpy. Even with my favorite top coat, Sally Hansen’s Mega-Shine, it was completely dry really quickly–I was very impressed. As I mentioned above, the glitter is NOT suspended in the base enough to make it show up on the nail. I think this might actually be a problem with MAC’s formula (I’m thinking of the Baby Goth Girl from Style Black, wherein the glitter sort of disappeared in the base), but intentional or not, it’s still gorgeous.

Final Recommendations

I love this polish. I’m really happy with the color and I think it is on point with the “greige” F/W trend. Thankfully, I could really take or leave the glitter, so I wasn’t disappointed when it totally didn’t show up on my nails at all.

MAC, please step it up and start taking actual pictures of your products! It can be downright misleading when you fake it, and it’s painfully obvious that even though there have been rumors you’re going to switch to actual swatches for years, you still haven’t done it.

5 com

A very small haul for me this time, just 2 products from each line. The palettes didn’t strike me as unique at all, so those were an easy pass. I’d like to get more of the Superslick Liners, though. They’re all gorgeous. I got:

Smoky Heir SuperSlick Liquid Liner

Aristo-cat Lipstick

Last year I got every single color from the F/W Nail Trend collection. Jin Soi is amazing and has done it again–I’d love to have every single one of these. Due to circumstance, that’s not possible this year, but I did walk away with:

Earthly Harmony

Jade Dragon

image source

What did you pick up?


A great post by British Beauty Blogger:

What Beauty Brands Didn’t Know Before Blogs

They didn’t know how frustrated women were at not having anywhere to talk about their beauty buys;
They didn’t know that consumers would listen to real real-life reviews far more readily than any pretend advertorial reviews;
They didn’t know that we’d be able to influence sales;
They didn’t know just how much we know about beauty;
They didn’t know how important each and every purchase is;
They didn’t know how a beauty buy is coveted, poured over, tested, discussed and judged;
They didn’t know how quickly their ‘mistakes’ would be recognized and broadcast;
They didn’t know that actual consumers would be able to ‘read’ business and advertising strategies as easily as if they were Heat magazine;
They didn’t know we’d be able to spot and advise on dupes across the beauty spectrum – so what if Paradoxical is sold out? There’s an identical colour at Model’s Own;
They didn’t know we’d be able to create and influence trends;
They didn’t know we actually read the fine print (i.e. filmed with lash inserts);
They didn’t know that if we see or experience bad customer service or make a purchase that doesn’t live up to expectations, that we’d create a place to pass on the news;
They didn’t know just how many women (and men) love make up and skincare to the point they’d create video channels, films, and written pieces that collectively millions of other women (and men) would read every day;
They didn’t know that many bloggers know the MAC foundation colour chart off by heart and can colour match at twenty paces;
They didn’t know how important it is to have accurate colour swatches on e-tail sites (and they still don’t really understand that);
They didn’t know we want to know all the ingredients in a product and we are very likely know the exact function of each one;
They didn’t know we want to be more educated about products and that they won’t lose business because we are more informed;
They didn’t know that they’d get the most valuable customer feedback they could ever hope to have via blogs;
They didn’t know that ‘hard sell’ equals ‘no sale’;
They didn’t know that we know the sales routines and patters from behind the scenes sources and that we just don’t fall for it anymore;
They didn’t know that their target market very often isn’t their true market;
They didn’t know that we need products to prove themselves;
They didn’t know that we use a proper decision making process to make beauty purchases – we don’t just believe the ads;
They didn’t know that we just aren’t that gullible; and finally
They didn’t know that we can have a whole night’s conversation on Twitter about one nail varnish colour.

A fabulous little girl named Paris:

A very, very (very) long time ago, I showed you why the Urban Decay’s Primer Potion design was frustrating and totally wasteful. Now, Pursebuzz shows off a great new design for UDPP which allows customers to get all of the product they pay for. The only downside about it is that it’s only available in a GIGANTIC size–which is great for people who know they love it, but unfortunately ostracizes many potential consumers. Still, a (very slow) step in the right direction, I think.


I’m only absolutely obsessed.

(click to see SUPER HUGE!)

Orly Space Cadet is a gorgeous pine green-based polish with gold/green/fuchsia/purple duo-chromed Cosmic shimmer. I could only afford one at the moment, because these babies are slightly more expensive (I paid $8.50 at Sally’s), and it had to be Space Cadet because this was my favorite from the beginning. Under the sun it looks like a shimmery olive green, but it changes in slight shade to the purple/fuchsia shimmer, and many times one nail can be different shades of all of the colors. I love the whole collection, and wish I could afford them all. I will probably go back for Galaxy Girl, which reminds me of MAC Blue Brown pigment. Gorgeous.

5 com

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Statement from MAC via their Facebook fan page:

This decision will not impact M·A·C ‘s commitment to donate all of its projected profits from the collection to benefit the women and girls of Juarez.

Out of respect for the people of Mexico, the women and girls of Juarez and their families, as well as our M·A·C Mexican staff and colleagues, M·A·C has made the decision not to ship the M·A·C Rodarte limited edition makeup collection. This decision will have no impact on M·A·C’s commitment to donate all of its projected global profits from this collection to local and international groups that work to improve the lives of the women and girls of Juarez. We are currently conducting due diligence to ensure we donate to organizations with a proven record of directly supporting the women and girls of Juarez.

M·A·C and Rodarte are deeply and sincerely sorry and we apologize to everyone we offended. We have listened very closely to the feedback of concerned global citizens. We are doing our very best to right this wrong. The essence of M·A·C is to give back and care for the community and Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. We are grateful for the opportunity to use what we have learned to raise awareness on this important issue. 

I have to say, I am really surprised by this. Over the years, MAC has launched controversial collections–mostly to do with the sexual nature of product names, or controversial promo images–and I have never seen the company act this way. I am impressed with their dedication to doing what is right, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed that there will be no Rodarte for MAC collection. The products look really fabulous, so hopefully we’ll see them under a completely new title, with new names and all.



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