In my last post about The Makeup Show in NYC, I detailed my experience at the show but left out two very important parts: one, the companies that were present at the show, and two, what I purchased. While this was an event meant for professionals and best suited for those looking to create, add to, or replenish their kits, I was shopping for myself. That being said I attempted to see every booth at The Makeup Show during my two days there and have a lot to report about a company or product you may be wondering about!

stila – a sponsor of the event, their booth was the first aside from The Powder Group that I stopped off at upon entering. They had a beautiful, home-y set up with vintage looking chairs and rugs and a couple vanities. Most of the booths were selling product and stila was no exception. Working at the booth were some of stila’s pro artists, artists I recognized and was thrilled to speak with. As I mentioned in Part I, I attended a seminar by stila’s Sarah Lucero that I really enjoyed. From stila, I bought: (1) stila lip glaze in apricot and (2) stila holiday candles in green tea.

Lancôme – another sponsor of the event, Lancôme’s booth surprised me because while they had product on display, they didn’t seem to have a lot of product for sale. They were, however, giving out free gift bags, and i was very happy and fortunate to receive (1) Définicils Mascara. I was actually setting out to purchase the mascara at the event, when one of Lancôme’s National Makeup Artists working the event told me they weren’t even selling it — just giving it away! I was pretty thrilled. They also gave me a postcard entitling me to a discount on a purchase at Lancôme at The Boutique in NYC, but I wasn’t able to use it while I was there. The postcard reads, “LANCOME LOVES MAKEUP ARTISTS.” Me too!

alcone – a sponsor of the event, the alcone booth was one that was great for me to stop and stare at, but with the very little freelance work I’m doing at the moment, it wasn’t necessary that I pick anything up. I was very, very close to getting my coveted RCMA palette of foundations (highly recommended by Mama Makeup) but I skipped out last minute. Maybe next year, because they offered me a really great deal…

Temptu – a huge sponsor of the event, Temptu had a lot of great airbrushing demonstrations going on throughout both days. It goes without saying that the Temptu artists are incredible, and it appeared as if they were working with some great product. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to (get close enough to the booth! to) try out any products.

KRYOLAN – not to be judged by their shabby website, KRYOLAN had a huge booth at The Makeup Show (the equivalent to two or three spaces.. huge!) and lots of product to see and play with. I was very happy to speak with an artist who told me about the company and product. I was very impressed with the shadows and blushers I swatched; KRYOLAN is known for the pigmentation of their products and I definitely found that they lived up to their name. I decided not to purchase anything at this booth but I will probably purchase a few colors in the future for those really bright & bold looks I love.

Cover Girl & MAX Factor – it was interesting to see these two at The Makeup Show. I didn’t spend much time at the booth but I heard that they gave out some great gift bags. I think it is good for them to be at these types of events, and for people to see them there, because the truth is they reach a great number of consumers that some companies never will. My personal beef with MAX Factor aside, I really do wish that I would have talked with them and received a few products to try out.

Smashbox – Smashbox was not as huge of a presence at the show as I expected! The booth next to them, Kissable Couture, stayed busy the ENTIRE two days (I had never heard of them!) and I think they either blended in or were overshadowed by that. I honestly don’t think I got close enough to the booth to see what, if anything, they were selling, unfortunately.

Graftobian Makeup Co. – This was such an exciting booth for me! Graftobian does airbrushing and special effects, and they had two great airbrush artists who did demonstrations over the two days that were amazing. It was rather cold in there so I felt bad for the girl whose body was completely airbrushed, but it was beautiful and the two gentleman were extremely talented, open, fun, and happy to be there. I spent quite a bit of time at this booth just watching them work.

Make-up Designory – I was happy to see MUD at the show because I had considered applying there a few times and was really excited to be able to see the product that they sell, along with the people who work for them/graduated from the school. I spoke with someone who was working the booth and she said that most of the people working there had graduated from MUD and now were working in the MudShop. I was able to catch a fantastic seminar on quick prosthetics put on by Paul Thompson, director of education at MUD LA and all around awesome guy. I really enjoyed his attitude and his talent, of course! He gave some great advice and as someone who has never delved into prosthetics at ALL, he made me feel confident about trying it out. He also passed out a few scars for us to take home and play with. I’ve yet to do so but I’m really looking forward to messing around with them! As far as the MUD product, I enjoyed swatching it all and found that they were pretty comparable to MAC — some of the colors even had the same name as MAC colors, which I thought was funny. I didn’t end up buying anything at this booth though.

Make Up For Ever – YUM! What can I not say about this booth? First of all, it was constantly packed. Constantly. I was lucky enough to find a spot to slide into and check out some of the products, thank God. I really had high hopes about this and they totally lived up to it. The shadows were all really pretty and I was very impressed by all of the foundations and concealers as well. Make Up For Ever recently launched High Definition Foundation that is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, and they had an exclusive display at The Makeup Show (this was before it was available to customers, I believe). So that was a lot of fun. The whole HD is something that I think every line will be coming out with because, for professional brands, it’s totally necessary with the advancements in the definition in film and print work. MUFE is definitely an innovator, and they’ve stepped their game up with this one, so I’m excited to see what will follow! I resisted MAJOR temptation in avoiding buying anything at this booth.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – a really fun booth fitting of a really fun company. They have loads of pigments, including a red that they claim is eye safe! I was very impressed but didn’t test it out on my eyes, so can’t comment on that. They had a few demo’s going on and I even watched them airbrush Sharon Gault’s foundation on the first day – that was fun. Below is a picture of one of the artists airbrushing a model (with some fierce hair).

Mehron – Impressed with what I saw of this company, the salespeople were a bit pushy and I didn’t really appreciate that (it’s a professional event and it was just awkward) but they had an amazing artist doing some body/face painting. After seeing her work I really decided it’s true that as long as you’re a talented artist it doesn’t matter WHAT you use, but the products showed up amazingly and they had a variety of colors and textures, including a great metallic loose pigment that can be used dry or wet, and when it’s wet it looks like aluminum foil or gold leaf, it was beautiful.

ColorOn Professional – Normally I’d just say nothing about this but a lot of people have asked me what I think, and I just don’t like it. First of all, it takes all of the fun out of makeup artistry, and it DOESN’T decrease the work you put into it if you do it yourself. That is the only way I would understand the appeal in it, if it was so much easier to do, but it’s not. There’s still blending involved, shapes have to be altered depending on your eye shape/size, the patterned ones are weird and achieved pretty easily with a brush and some fluidline, and it’s an overcomplicated process, in my opinion. Whew, long sentence. Basically I thought it was pointless. I saw a few demonstrations and I thought it was gimmicky and inappropriate for the event. From what I learned by eavesdropping on several conversations, my opinion was reflected in many of the people in attendance, but yeah, there’s my two cents.

Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX – one of my favorite booths because they had an amazing body painting artist and a model for all day, both days. The first day was a crazy neon, blocky, retro look (pictured below) and the second day was MY favorite, a beautiful pattern he made himself and a little shout out to The Makeup Show (also pictured below)! I spent a great deal of time just watching him work and was very impressed with the Wolfe Brothers’ products. Not made for my line of work, but great nonetheless.

Shu Uemura – Seeing Shu at the show was a huge and pleasant surprise to me, because they were oddly not listed among the exhibitors on The Makeup Show’s website. They were positioned perfectly right beside Anastasia Beverly Hills and I did some damage at both booths! It was pretty busy but I was able to purchase a few things from a beautiful pregnant woman working the booth. From Shu Uemura, I bought: (1) critically acclaimed eyelash curler, which I love, and (1) pair of false lashes in Slant Black. I am desperate to try their liquid eyeliner pen… soon!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – So if you don’t already know I absolutely adore my Brow Pencil, and I was so stoked to see that Anastasia had a booth at the show. I watched the artists there reshape many a brow (they were waxing for free with some purchase, also!) and every. single. one. of the people working the booth were ROCKIN IT. As I said in my most recent video, I have become such a brow snob, and they are the reason. And I love it and wouldn’t want to be any other way. Here are the products I bought that I bought that changed my life: (1) set of brow stencils and (1) clear brow gel. My explanation of these three products (including my brow pencil) will come in a probably long video in which I squee over the utter amazingness of this line. GO. NOW! ANASTASIA IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR LOCAL SEPHORA AND SELECT NORDSTROM LOCATIONS.

MAC PRO – Of course I save my baby for last, right? In my last entry I talked about the NYC PRO store and how incredible it truly is, but I kept from you all that I purchased there. Well, while I was at the PRO store I asked about when they would be selling Neo Sci-Fi, Solar Field, and Future Earth collections. I was told that it wouldn’t be until Thursday, so imagine my surprise when I walk up to the beautiful MAC PRO booth at the show and there sit the collections! Needless to say I had to buy some! By the way, the booth at the show was beautiful and matched the aesthetic of the NYC PRO store.. very mod and nice. Without further ado, I present to you what I bought from MAC PRO: Grape PRO Pigment, Ruby Red PRO Pigment, Kelly Green PRO Pigment, Soft Brown Eyeshadow, Sci-Fi-Delity Lipstick, Pink Grapefruit Lipglass, Invisible Set Powder, Studio Fix, Studio Fix Fluid, 187 Brush, 129 Brush, 239 Brush, All Black Fibre Rich Mascara, Studio Moisture Fix, Phosphor Nail Lacquer, Metalist Nail Lacquer, Neon 8 Nail Lacquer, and Plasma Blue Nail Lacquer.

WHEW! This took a long time, haha. If you have any questions about my purchases or a specific booth/company I didn’t talk about, feel free to ask in the comments!